World’s Largest Game of Knockout!

Join us and help us break the World’s Largest Game of Knockout!

Saturday, November, 10 2012 the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

The standing record recognized by Guinness Book of World Records is 571 participants! Help us beat that record on Saturday, Nov 10th.

Start Time: 10AM

Registration Due By: Friday, November 9th

How to Register: Register online at or at participating outlets. Everyone that registers prior to November 9th will receive a free ticket to the MAAC Basketball Championships in March of 2013, right here at the MassMutual Center. Those who register the day of the event will receive a discount offer for the MAAC Championships.

Click here to register!

Knockout Rules:

  • Two players or more in a single-file line, typically starting at the free-throw line.
  • Two basketballs, held by the first two players in line.
  • The first player in line begins the game by taking an initial shot.
  • As soon as the first player has taken the initial shot, the second player may step up to the line and take his or her shot.
  • If a player’s initial shot does not go in, he or she may rebound the basketball and attempt to make a basket from any location as quickly as possible (most often, a layup would be attempted because it is an easier shot to make than a standard jump shot).
  • Once a player makes a basket, he or she must immediately pass the ball to the next player at the front of the line and then go to the end of the line. The player at the front of the line may take his or her shot immediately upon receiving a ball.
  • If any player does not make his or her shot before the person in line behind them, he or she is “knocked out” and is out until a new game starts.
  • The order of the players in line cannot change during the game except by shrinking in size as players are knocked out.
  • The game continues until everyone is knocked out except for one final player, who is deemed the winner.
  • The object of the game is for the players to “knockout” the player in front of them until they are the final player left
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